Stone Skulls

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Beautifully carved natural stone skulls. May be used for healings and crystal energy work. Choose which one is best for you.

Black Onyx- One of the strongest stones to help clear thinking and enhancement of focus. It amplifies your intentions and assists to protect you from negative energies. Connects with Divine order helping you to work through grief and anxiety.

Green Eye Jasper- A particularly great stone for energizing the Third Eye Chakra. Increases blood flow and aids muscle pain and organ function. Is a symbol of protection and balance. It helps bring clarity to healing emotional issues as well. Earth grounding.

Malachite- Powerful enough to absorb negative energies, pollutants and to guard against radiation and electromagnetic rays. It also can  balance mood swings, cramps, mens trail issues and strengthen the immune system. Aligns with the Heart and Throat Chakras.


Size 30x50mm

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