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Amethyst, the stone of healing and transformation, will create a peaceful and positive atmosphere. Striking, all natural amethyst pieces may vary in size, shape, and color due to each piece's unique, natural formation. Color ranges from light purple to dark purple, gray, and green. Some clusters include traces of powerful sought-after minerals like calcite and cacoxenite. Calcite appears as white crystals or flower petal shaped specks. This mineral symbolizes cleansing. Cacoxenite appears in golden, earthy brown spots. It encourages a focus on positivity and raising energy vibrations. 

Because of the myth of its origins, this stone has been believed to prevent drunkenness and have the power to quell a range of other physical appetites and indulgences. This sobering effect is also believed to clarify mental acuity, improving the decision-making ability of those who wear it. This made it a popular choice for giving to young men--helping them avoid temptation and keeping them clear-minded when using weapons.


Leonardo Da Vinci once wrote that amethyst holds the power to dissipate evil thoughts and quicken one's intelligence. Healers have been using amethyst to increase their psychic abilities and intuition for centuries. Cross-culturally, this popular gemstone was used as a symbol of peace and unification. It is also thought to evoke feelings of serenity and calmness in those who wear it.


Amethyst is often used during meditation to provide an overall sense of spiritual balance. Some naturopaths will use amethyst to help treat insomnia and sugar imbalances, and to relieve headaches.

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