Once upon a time a boy named Odder Barthelolmew Good grew up with Parents who loved him very much. They led an alternative life and showed him things his eyes could hardly believe. From fireworks to hot air balloons, elephants and side show “freaks”, they were all his friends whom he loved very much. Life of the show was always Grand at the Faraway Baraway Circus, but it wasn’t always fair… and it wasn’t a life that was fairly long either. His mother a talented hula hooping star, her hoops moved like the rings of Saturn, around and around. When she smiled, she would lighten up any room, her smile was such just like you see on the moon. Odder felt proud to have his mothers smile as her teeth were the absolute shiniest, and she the brightest person he knew in whole wide world, to him as a boy. He would remember her with every smile, smiles that would turn any frown upside down.

His father was Tall and heavy with bones. Not heavy like fat, hefty, thick or any of that. Rather he was a man so stretched, and so lean that his head would brush the entry way seems. The man stood 7 feet 5 inches tall. With his heeled leather boots the ones he would wear everyday he was taller. Then paired with his tall, tall burgundy top hat, it made him near ten feet tall, all in all in fact. Odder hoped he’d grow big and tall just like his dad, he wasn’t upset when he grew over six but under seven feet at13, but snap just like that. One day the Faraway Baraway circus loaded up on the tracks. The Train was the fastest moving transportation of its time, many of the folks had never been out of their own town in the southwest. They traveled the show for months and months at a time West, East to mid-west… There were acrobats, magicians, trapeze and the clowns. Peculiar people who stood behind glass. An organist, musicians, DJ’s and party people who thew down and out with a blast! Odder was in his element and loved traveling town to town!! He did it for years and would do it for more. He never would have guessed soon it would be on the waters and shores.

One stop on the way was to be in Depot Town, Ypsilanti of the U.S. of A. Where they could stop rest, wake up and entertain through the next night. Pulling into the Freight house something happened so mean. That Train derailed knocking the show off the tracks. Odder’s parents were dead and gone, killed on impact. He remained bruised but was safe, his mother had held him and his pet with her warm loving embrace. He crawled from her arms into the rubble and knew not what to do. He looked down through the tears and there was Twig, his kitty cat boo. “Thank God I have you, I see no one alive anymore.” He and she were the only survivors that night, twisted freight, awful fright. Just then a solider stepped out from the Barracks and introduced himself, asked he he could help. He had been a doctor of war and had served the marines. He had seen this before. An orphan who lost his parents; for the rest of his life. “I’m all alone I have no one” Odder drooled as he sobbed. “I have no life anymore, I wish I had died” The solider placed a hand on the boy’s shoulder and said “life is a gift don’t take it for granted. It goes through hard times, yeah, but I promise you son, it gets better all the time.” he took a look at the boy who had grief in his eyes. “Don’t worry kid you are never alone. Your parents will live forever in your heart. You will take them with you, where ever you are.” The solider lit a funny cigarette and gave some advice. “I know a guy who could use some help, he just lost his son. I figure you two might hit it off as in some ways as one”.

The smoke blew thick in the air. By the time that it cleared Odder’s tears had subsided. He had made up his mind. He was going to give a new life a try. The two walked down to the river just a few blocks away. “Under the Tri-dge” the Solider pointed up ahead. Odder turned his head three times and said “I don’t see anyone mister, which way do I go?” “I will go with you. I will let you know” the solider replied. “Hidy High hoe” a deep grumbling sound came from below. Intimidated and shy Odder said not a word. In moments of silence he noticed and heard tiny chirps “chirp, chirp, twerp” like a tiny itty bitty bird. “WELL what do you WANT?” the deep voiced man screamed. The solider cool and quick said “oh hey hey there Capt’ Kidd!! WHat’s happening how you been? It’s solider doctor Pete, remember me?” The Cap’t replied. “oh yeah hey man cool, who’s this with you who is that boy?” “My name is Odder Bartholomew Good, and this is my kitty cat Twig. My parents just died in that freight awful crash” Odder spoke up. “ Oh hey hey he’s ne-needing some help, he’s got a long life worth living ma-maybe he could give pirating a try?” solider doctor Pete quickly stuttered. "Argh it’s been a long time. I have missed my right hand, without him I’ve been in a bind. See these rivers they go out to lakes, then to seas.

What’s a circus kid and his kitten gonna do to help me?” Cap’t Kidd questioned. Odder giggled. “What chu laughing at boy what you think is so funny?” nervously Odder replied. “Well your left hand is the one that is missing with out both you’d have no hands. I can help you mister I promise to be good. I will tie knots and raise sails and do what you need me to do.” “humph ummph puft” he grunted back in thought “aww-right I’ll give it a shot.” Right then the Cap’t Kidd reached down to is satchel and brought out a big green bottle of reddish-brown liquid. He raised it to his lips and said “Cheers to you boy and your filthy little animal” He guzzled a shot of whisky not rum. He was a River Pirate. Rum-Running was for the Great Lakes, Oceans and Seas. The two lived together for years. Cap’t Kidd Pirate showed him how to do so many things. He gave him wisdom, skills and eventually even grew to love the boy as his own. They would go into other peoples houses and find treasures galore. They would look for the things they never knew that they wanted or that they did adore. They would travel far and wide, water ways and on roads. They would