WE WON! Thank You YPSI!

Wow what an honor winning the "BEST OVERALL" Holiday Window Display! I am way ecstatic for the win!! I never win things but often that is just by a name in the bucket. To be awarded a prize in recognition of my art, eye and efforts is truly humbling.

Thank You Ypsilanti! everyone who voted, the Ypsilanti DDA, and all of the other talented contestants in the 2021 Holiday window competition. 

TT&TOT was awarded the bragging rights and grand prize. While the Holiday window is complete and broken down by now, visit the shop monthly to see what displays I will create as time travels us through the year!! I always have a good time creating our window, you will have a good time peering in too!

See MLIVE article here.

Ypsilanti DDA announcement here.

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