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Each member of the Kamibashi String Ball Gang has a special power to help you out in life! Keep one on your keychain, backpack, or purse, and keep that good energy a flowin’! Each one is handmade sustainably in Thailand, and has its own special charm. 

Marty: This cute little alien named Marty helps you connect with life on other planets." perfect for your friend or family member who knows that the truth is out there! One string doll character with a double-sided fabric tag and lobster claw keyring. Handmade in Thailand, each string doll has his or her own special power that is always positive and helpful. 

Squiggie: Squiggie, the boxing monkey designed by boogily heads creator Gus Fink, helps you deliver the knockout punch when you need it. Put 'em up! to see more Gus Fink collaborations, check out Kitix, Phant, Skullgnome, and Skygor.

Bigfoot: Bigfoot helps you remain elusive when you don't want to be found. Maybe there's a reason why the sasquatch hasn't been discovered yet!

Charlie Ribs: Even though he may look creepy, charlie ribs takes care of the bad guys in your dreams. Sleep easy knowing that this cute little monster is protecting you!

Grim Reaper: The grim reaper, while usually not the most welcome guest, helps you appreciate the beauty of life each and every day. Keep him around to help you remember to smell the roses, grab the brass ring, and shoot your shot. If you are not already making the most of every day, let the grim reaper be your inspiration to start now!

Plague Doctor: The plague doctor keeps you away from all things contagious. based on drawings of 17th century witnesses to the bubonic plague in England, the plague doctor looks scary but had an important role in society - he kept track of casualties, assisted in autopsies, and acted as the witness for wills for the dead and dying. The mask with its beak-like nose was designed to be filled with herbs and other organic material that would ward off germs.

Red Devil: Ever get a little hot under the collar? Does your blood start to boil when you're frustrated? We’ve got you covered! This little red devil helps keep your temper in check during those extra trying times. Get one for yourself…or maybe two!

The Vampire (masc): We didn't name our vampire Dracula because that person already gets all the attention. Our "the vampire" dolls represent all of the vampires who never get to be in books or on tv, even though they still have an important job - keeping you safe when you're out past your bedtime. Be careful out there!

The Vampire (femme): We didn't name our vampire Camilla because that person already gets all the attention. Our "the vampire" dolls represent all of the vampires who never get to be in books or on tv, even though they still have an important job - keeping you safe when you're out past your bedtime. Be careful out there!

Bones: Bones, with his big red heart, supports you when you're about to crack from too much stress. The medical professional in your life will love this little skeleton, as will anybody who is trying to hold it all together… which is pretty much all of us!

Radar: Bats often time get a bad rap for being scary, but these flying mammals are much more helpful than we give them credit for being. Using their handy echolocation, bats search the evening sky to feed on thousands of mosquitos and other insects every night! To help when you are flying around at night, our cute little bat, Radar, makes sure you never lose your sense of direction.

Scratch: We could all use a little sidekick who makes sure you don’t get overwhelmed, especially when the pressure’s on. Enter Scratch, who helps you keep your cool when the heat is on. Nice!

Sid: Named for the late, great Sid Vicious (1957 - 1979), this punk string doll protects you against people who love all the genres of music that you just can't stand. Never mind the bollocks, but make sure to mind Sid!

El Diablo: Take this guy with you to all of life's challenging situations. El diablo gives you the edge over the competition. 

Ruth Bader Ginseburg: "Women belong in all places where decisions are being made." The notorious RBG: in addition to many other important titles, she was a lawyer, professor, supreme court justice, and as far as we’re concerned, an amazing human being.

Edgar Allen Poe: Nevermore will you be without this famous gothic american writer by your side! Edgar allen poe's famous quote, "there is no beauty without strangeness," perfectly encapsulates his eerily beautiful stories - get one for your poe-head friends out there!

Captain Bad: Even with just one eye and one leg, this pirate string doll is a notoriously skilled badass. Don’t leave home without him because Captain Bad protects travelers venturing both near and far.

Dubin Dog: Fresh from Chicago, Dubin Dog gives you permission to relish every day of the summer. this little weiner comes with all the trimmings - mustard, relish, tomato, pickle, celery salt, and flip-flops. Keep cool and keep your sunglasses on, people! Started in 2017, Dubin Dog's mobile food cart has been helping folks get that 'summer feeling' by serving up delicious Chicago-style hot dogs to a multitude of satisfied customers. Come see them at the Williams Bay, WI beach, where you can enjoy a chi-dog and take in the beautiful views of Lake Geneva. You'll always get a taste of summer at Dubin Dog's mobile food cart!

Frank: Kamibashi donates $1.00 for every frank sold to don't be a monster, a nationally recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that works to educate and empower youth to stand up for themselves and their peers by building a community where everyone is included, no matter their differences. Working alongside haunted attractions, they provide free bullying prevention assemblies, and now a virtual presentation, to schools across the country to achieve a world where kindness is empowering and uniqueness is celebrated. Frank, their mascot, encourages students to practice empathy and kindness, to themselves and to their classmates. By spreading a message of kindness and inclusion, frank has built a community of upstanders that are changing the world one positive interaction at a time. To learn more about don't be a monster's anti-bullying program, head to dontbeamonster.org.

Mothman: In West Virginia, Mothman (who is sort of the Appalachian Bigfoot) was first spotted in the mid 60’s. Random sightings resulted in several myths about the creature, and eventually his very own festival that takes place every September in Point Pleasant, WV, where he also has a museum in his honor. Still not sure if he’s real? Our string "Mothman reminds you to trust your instincts" - when you get that funny feeling about something, listen to your gut!

Kitix: Kitix is the creation of Gus Fink - the artist behind Boogily Heads and many other creatures. Kitix helps you harness the creative juices that flow at night, so keep her around when you need that late-night boost of inspiration

Wally: Circus strongman Wally lifts the weight off your shoulders. When life starts to get heavy, let him do the work of helping you get back to your equilibrium.

The Scarecrow: Inspired by the character seen in the Wizard of Oz, the classic book by L. Frank Baum, the Scarecrow "knows that you're sharper than you thunk." even with straw for brains, he's no dummy! (collect our full line of Oz dolls: Dorothy, Toto, the Cowardly Lion, the Tin Man, Glinda the Good Witch, the Wicked Witch, and the Flying Monkey.)

Shelly: Shelly has been one of our best sellers since she debuted a long time ago (mermaid power!), and she has "helped us stay afloat when it's been sink or swim more than once." Thank you Shelly, and everyone who has purchased her!

Skellbo: Skellbo is the creation of Gus fink - the artist behind Boogily Heads and many other creatures. Skellbo gives you the courage to not be afraid of the dark, so keep him handy when the lights go out!

Skullgnome: Skullgnome, another Boogily Heads character, keeps the zombies away. To see more Gus Fink collaborations, check out Kitix, Phant, Skygor, and Squiggie.

Skygor: You’ll always have a smile on your face with Gus Fink’s character Skygor, who keeps you in a good mood, even when others are rude. To see more Gus Fink collaborations, check out Kitix, Phant, Skullgnome, and Squiggie.

Coffee Monster: Coffee monster gives you the strength to face the day. No more reason to hide under the covers – just drink your java (and carry this little guy around) and go, go, go!

Flying Monkey: "It's all fun and games until the flying monkeys show up!" these things terrified us as children and they’re still kind of scary even now! If you come across a Flying Monkey, run! (collect our full line of Oz dolls: Dorothy, Toto, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, Glinda the Good Witch, the Wicked Witch, and the Flying Monkey.)

The Ghost: No need to host a seance to make sure people listen to you. The Ghost makes sure you never feel invisible.

 Winston: We all need cat-like reflexes every now and again. In addition to being adorable and cuddly, "Winston makes sure you always land on your feet." perfect for the cat lovers in your life!

Frida: Known for her braided updo and crown of flowers, Frida Kahlo's artwork portrayed and celebrated Mexican folk art and revolutionary movements. Her bold, innovative paintings and strong political views became a symbol of feminist creativity. "Frida empowers you to paint your own reality."

Ganesh: The Hindu deity Ganesh is extremely popular the whole world over, mostly because he is said to remove obstacles, is a patron of the arts and sciences, and the god of intellect and wisdom. The string doll Ganesh, therefore, "reminds you that the wisest people always keep an open mind."

The Harvester: Scary yet helpful! The Harvester is a new Halloween doll that reminds you that you reap what you sow. However, his message is timeless so send one to your friend or family member that needs a little reminder! The Harvester lives at Field of Screams, a haunted attraction started in 1993 by two brothers on their family farm in Mountville, PA. See fieldofscreams.com for more information.

Jimmy the Jellyfish: Jellyfish may not have brains, but their stinging tentacles sure do have the ability to make your next beach trip truly memorable. Because we want your beach vacation to be memorable for other reasons, "Jimmy the jellyfish helps you watch your step so you don't get stung" - at the beach or anywhere!

Kamibot: Kamibot is a robot with a heart of gold - "he does your chores for you so you can go out and play." Everyone needs a friend to lend a helping hand once in a while, so keep Kamibot in the lab or on the keys to your spaceship - he never takes a sick day.

Krampus: While the good children all get candy from St. Nick around Christmas time, the bad children get scooped up by Krampus and brought to the Underworld. The legend of Krampus has been around for hundreds of years, but still is popular in Europe (where it originated) and the US today. Krampus scares you into behaving like a good child should.

Medusa: Medusa, the snake-haired gorgon from Greek mythology, "will turn annoying people into stone." That’s all you need to know.

Monster Man: Give that scary, spooky creature or thing another look. Monster Man helps you to see the beauty in the not-so-beautiful. He’s pretty cute, right?!

Mr. Mummy: Mr. Mummy is one cute ancient Egyptian! He helps keep the skeletons in your closet where they belong - perfect for your friend who is running for public office.

Numb Bunny: Numb bunny is the creation of Gus Fink - the artist behind Boogily Heads and many other creatures. Numb Bunny helps you shut out the noise and vibrate on a higher level - keep him around for when things get hectic and you need to rise above!

Otto the Octopus: Otto is one amazing cephalopod, and with eight arms, "he gives you the dexterity to become a master at your craft." This mollusk, famous for its soft body that can squeeze through tight spots and well as excellent sight, will lend you a hand to help you realize your dream of becoming a chef, a mountain climber, a musician… you name it!

Punkin: This little punkin' is adorable! Debuting in 2005, he was created before string dolls had more bells and whistles, and we love him just the way he is. Bonus: he keeps the evil spirits at bay, all the while being sweet as pie! That’s a pretty good combination if we may say so ourselves.

Ron the Pteranodon: Getting ready for a presentation, interview, or exam? Don’t sweat it! Ron the Pteranodon makes sure you're prepared so you don't have to wing it.

Amelia: "the original 'it girl' - Amelia inspires you to follow your dreams because the sky's the limit!" Keep this aviator, fashion designer, and women's rights activist with you wherever you go so you never forget to be inspired by her accomplishments.

Bobbyrobby: Just think about all the problems you could solve if you had two heads! Bobbyrobby knows that two heads are better than one!

Boss: Boss brings out your mischievous playful soul. Boss resides on the outskirts of Hickory, N.C at Lake Hickory Haunts, where he is the leader of the Big Top Circus. He lures you in to steal your soul and turn you into one of his own, bringing out your mischievous side to wreak havoc upon those brave enough to enter. Visit lakehickoryhaunts.com for more information!

Buzzy: Buzzy is the bees knees! These super helpful insects polinate plants, live in colonies and are responsible for producing our favorite natural sweetener - honey! Buzzy makes sure you always have a little honey in your hive.

Cedric: Introducing Tzuki's Plan B, a new video game designed by Cokoon Games Lab coming later this year! Tuzki, an inexperienced but intelligent young scientist, must risk her life to fix an unprecedented environmental tragedy caused by her failed experiment to curb contamination in an idyllic forest. Together with the help of her friends Cedric and Fufi the dog (all 3 are available as string dolls), Tzuki tries to keep this tragedy from devastating her planet. Get the game when it becomes available at http://tzukisplanb.com

Cthulu: Extra points for anyone who knows this is. Cthulhu - H.P Lovecraft would be proud! No worries if you didn't know this is Cthulhu, "he will give you the power to heal quickly." Plus he's sorta cute!

Diamond Eye Jack: Dive pirates foundation is dedicated to bringing scuba diving to persons with mobility disabilities. Since 2003 this not-for-profit foundation teaches, equips, and takes disabled people on a life-changing scuba diving adventure. What dive pirates does: recruit injured veterans, law enforcement, emergency first responders, and others who are medically qualified and physically disabled. Train and equip recipients to scuba dive along with an adaptive dive buddy. Take recipients on a trip of a lifetime. Raise funds through annual fundraisers, memberships, sponsorships, corporate giving, crowd-funding websites, grants, and dive charters. Most importantly the foundation encourages its adaptive dive pirates to celebrate life after injury, to keep diving and enjoy this