Hermit by Gregory Stovetop


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The Hermit is one of a series of Tarot card Art Prints. The Hermit is the lone boy without his mother depicted as sweet lonely Jason Voorhees the main character in the slasher thriller movie "Friday the 13th" which originally came out in 1980. Artist and rock and roller Gregory Stovetop has set forth to create all 72 cards and when finished will turn into a tarot deck. Stovetop brings to you his creative renditions of the classic Rider's Tarot mashed up with Classic 80's and 90's horror movies. Starting with the Major Arcana his Tarot Deck art prints are set for collection. Gather them all now starting with the Major Arcana and be on the look out for more!

The Tarot card Art Prints should be stored behind glass or plastic sheeting to protect from dust. Avoid direct sunlight to avoid bleaching.

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