Fête Made - Blind Date with a Book - Mystery - Cottage Collection

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Our 'Blind Date with a book' or 'Mystery Wrapped Book' collections are hand curated by a lifelong reader with a keen eye on book trends, offering a delightful and thoughtfully crafted experience for book enthusiasts. This collection contains Adult and Young Adult books that are all mystery genre or mystery focused, and may contain both paperback and hardcover books. Each book is wrapped in recycled brown paper and uniquely decorated in a scrapbooking style with keywords let the reader know what they can expect from the book. All of our books are 'preloved' meaning the faint traces of the previous owner's journey may manifest as subtle creases, faint dog-eared corners, or the delicate feel of well-loved pages. --- What is 'blind date with a book'? It is a fun and exciting way to discover new books and authors. It involves selecting a book without knowing its title, author, or genre, much like going on a blind date.