CSJA Reiki Natural Chip Stone Pendulum Antique Copper Chain Hexagon Cone Resin Pendant for Dowsing Divination Wicca Pendule G321

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Dowsing Pendulum's are used in a varity of ways. You can communicate with spirit guides, ask life leading questions or have in your Wicca kits for whenever you may need.

Natural Stones 1: Rose Quartz , Amethyst , Tiger Eye , Spectrolite
Natural Stones 2: Lapis Lazuli , Tiger Eye , Red Agate , Garnet
Natural Stones 3: Colorful Tourmaline , Aquamarine , Olivine
Total Length: Approx 29cm / 11.42 inches
Chain Length: Approx 24cm / 9.45 inches
Pendant Size: Approx 42x19x16mm / 1.65x0.75x0.63 inches
Pendant Using: Dowsing , Wicca , Daily Life Jewelry , Gift for Women Men

Note: The color of each stone is different , color is sent randomly